This is Ybbil, or at least this is what we call her when she is in the Maurice Family home or studio. Its a nickname that we gave her on one of the many weekends that she has slept over to spend quality time with my daughter. They are the best of friends and because of their relationship it has  given me the chance to photograph her family on a few occasions. Ybbel plays hockey, baby sits her brother and sister and most of all is a hero. That beautiful long hair was cut and donated. Ybbel cut her long golden hair and was donated to make a wig for a young girl or mom that is facing cancer. The lady that has the wig will not only get beautiful hair but I am sure with it will come %20 attitude %30 flair and %50 love of life.

Ybbil is a Hero and in the Maurice home, TNMPhotography are very thankful that her and her family are teaching what it means to give. When Ybbil is on the Canadian olympic hockey team I expect the first chance to take the photograph that will go on the box of Cheerio’s.

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