Are you wearing a second dress on your wedding day?

Planning on changing into a second dress later in the night?

Lots of reasons to do so, easier to move in, dance and it is your one time to really splurge on yourself. From the photography point of view, be sure to notify your photographer and allow some extra time for photos after the dress is put on later in the night. Rule of thumb, if you are paying for it we will photograph it. The second dress needs it time to shine in photos also. This is a great way to add some diversity to your album, the formals are usually earlier in the day and with the second dress on head out into the night for 10 minutes or so with your groom and take some great night shots. This can be done during a break between meals being served or just before you enter the hall for the first time.

Make sure that your partner is aware that photos will be taken of the second dress, people usually have an expectation to start partying as soon as the formals are done and a little communication goes a long way.

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