Upcoming Wedding Shows in the Durham Region…

Looking for a Durham Region Wedding Photographer?

If you would like a ticket or two or three, send me an email and will hook you up.

Wedding shows are a great place to meet your wedding vendor. This allows you to get a feel for who they are and what they are offering. Trust your gut.

Some things to note when looking for your durham and GTA wedding photographer…

  1. Are the available light only? This means they will be using no flash at your dark reception. Big problem
  2. Can they show you brides at their ceremony and reception. If they cannot then it means they only have models and may not have the experience needed for your one time only day.
  3. Does their personality match yours, ask some questions, get personal.
  4. Are there hidden cost? Do your receive all the files or just a portion? Do they charge extra for travel or multiple locations?

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