Things to watch for and things I will not do

1. Look at the eyes, lots of photographers like to over process the eyes. Super white and super sharp. Paint in too much white and start to look like an alien because it looses the shape. Eyes have shape, shadow and form.

2. I will not stand you on a rail road track with a guitar, sit in a field with an antique chair or walk off into the sunset holding balloons. These are cliche’s copied over and over again. I will try to offer you something unique. Romantic, Cool and Fun is what I am shooting for. But maybe if you sit in an antique chair, while playing your guitar on the railroad track with balloons tied to the neck of the guitar, hmmm, may have something there.

3. Blur, watch for it. If you are driving a car, bicycle, fast dance then there may be reason for it to add to the motion of the photograph. But I will not give you a blurry photograph and tell you it was done with artistic intent.

4.The almost kiss, that is where it is at! The kiss, the smooshing of the nose on to your partners face is not a good look.

5.Selective colouring, nope not gonna do it. Sears will and a few other professional photographers will.

6.Tilt, the only pictures I will take with you tilted if you are on a slide.


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