Things to consider when hiring your wedding DJ

How Important is the Music and Sound during your wedding or event ?

Music is such a large component of your day because it spans your entire event from the Ceremony Guest seating until the last song played.  In most cases that’s about 10 hours of music if not more and that’s a LOT of songs.  Music sets the tone, the feeling and the movement during an event.

Weddings:  Let’s break it down with some aspects to consider:  

Your Ceremony:  Which is typically 1 hour in total, from Guest Seating music (30 minutes) to your Ceremony start to end (30 minutes). During this time your DJ will not only play songs but will also provide Sound. 

Wedding Ceremony at Oshawa Beach taken by Durham Wedding photographer TNMPhotography

Sound is more than just a song playing, it also includes the microphone and more.  If you hired a videographer they can patch-into the DJ’s soundboard for the best outcome in recording.  Sound is always overlooked as most couples don’t realize the importance until it’s too late.

The last thing you want to hear is someone asking “what did they say” coming from the last row, while your are saying your “I Do’s”.  If you have live music instead of a DJ for your ceremony the Sound component is even more important, again allowing everyone to hear even in the last row.  

 Cocktail Music:  While you are off taking photos, your guests are typically standing around waiting, Cocktail Music ads life and a great background during this time.  

 Grand Entrance:  Involving the wedding party, the parents and of course the Couple.  Some think this to be a trivial component, but in reality it sets the tone, an energetic and well planned Grand Entrance fuels your guests and provides your media team (photography + videography) with incredible unscripted shots.  

Wedding Entrance at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet taken by Durham Region Wedding photographer TNMPhotography

Dinner Music into Dessert:  An experienced DJ would play a collection of genres during dinner and transition the tempo into dessert, setting the stage for the dancing that will follow shortly.  You have invited 150 of your family and friends and that is typically from ages 9 to 90. 

Not everyone dances at an event and some leave shortly after dinner, this is a great time to satisfy everyones music taste and watch them wiggling to the music in their seats and lip-synching along. 

Wedding party at Ajax Convention Center taken by Durham Region Wedding Photographer TNMPhotography

During Speeches, Games, Activities and Special Dances is also a great time to add music accompaniment to enhance each of these.

 Dancing:  Choosing the right songs that fit your crowd is another critical component to your event, an experienced DJ will know exactly what genres to choose and when to play them.  Remember, your DJ is with you and your guests until the last song is played.  You have peeled away layers during your day, from getting ready to your ceremony, cocktail, dinner, entrance, 1st dance, cake cutting etc. 

Music has been with you from the start and it’s the last layer of your day.
Do your homework, read testimonials and ask questions.  Your other vendor partners specifically photographers are also a good source and can suggest companies they’ve worked alongside and seen in action. 

Have the conversation with your DJ company, meet and discuss your entire event, you will see the difference when you speak to and hire a professional.  Music encompasses so much, its psychological and more than just a speaker, a few songs and a laptop!

Bridal party dancing at Deer Creek Banquet Facility taken by Durham Wedding photographer tnmphotography

Written by ; Susan Kuczkowski (Owner / Lead Planner)ForeverSounds DJ Services E-mail: sdk@foreversoundsmdj.comWeb: www.foreversoundsmdj.comFacebook:  @ foreversoundsdjservicesTel: 905-434-4988 Cell: 905-718-3117

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