Sept 20 2019 Ajax Convention Centre Wedding

Sarah and Kyle at Ajax Convention Centre

Where and when did you meet?

In highschool in Oshawa 

When did you know this was the person you would marry?

As soon as we fell in love 

Tell us about the proposal:

It was on Christmas Eve in our apartment. An amazing surprise and very small and intimate. 

How long were you dating before you got married?

Almost 5 years 

Tell us about your wedding:

Medium size wedding about 115 guests. Fall themed with burgundy, navy blue and rose gold colours. Very elegant. 

Did the date/season have special meaning?


What are the theme/colours and why did you choose it/them? What are some of the elements that reflect that theme (e.g. menu, décor)

Fall-ish theme with burgundy, navy blue and rose gold colours. Rose gold head table skirt, burgundy dresses and centerpieces, navy blue suits 

Where did you find your inspiration?

We talked about what we both liked. 

When did you begin planning your wedding? Did you encounter any roadblocks along the way?

Started planning in June. 6 months after the proposal. 

How many guests will be attending your wedding?

 About 115

Did you each know right away it was “THE dress” or had you previously tried on many other dresses?

Tried on many dresses but as soon as I tried this one I knew it was the one. 

Why did you choose your reception venue?

We think the ajax convention center is very elegant and that’s what we’re looking for in our wedding. Very classic and traditional. 

Who is your Wedding Coordinator?

Kim brigden ajax convention center

Who is your Florist?


Who is your Cake Artist?  

Our little bakery ajax Ontario 

Who is your Band/DJ for the wedding?

ForeverSounds DJ

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