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It is a big honor to be asked and it is a lot of work. There is an expense add it to this also, the average bridesmaid spend up to $1500 during her duties for the bride. Take into consideration your dress and purchasing on average 3 gifts for the bride. One for the shower, bachelorette party and the wedding day. The most important job for the bridesmaid is to be present, to be there for the bride when needed and to bring her back to the now. Helping the bride, simple as that, the day is not about you it is about them. You are not allowed to look better then them, your opinion matters but only to a point. Ever watch Yes to the Dress? Do you really want to be a bridesmaid who bullies and makes the bride cry? This is there day and their happiness is all that really matters.

You will need to attend the engagement party, dress shopping, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and of course the wedding day. Depending on the bride and how involved they would like the wedding party that list may expand.

On the wedding day you will be more then likely expected to get ready with the bride, hair and makeup first thing in the morning. Be prepared to have tissues, spot remover and sewing kit on hand as mini emergency kit. Helping in all the little jobs it will take to get the bride to the ceremony. Always calm and positive.

Learn early on what the expectations of the bride is from you. Ask a lot of questions about your duties, find out specific details that the bride would like you to handle and do not assume to know what the other one is expecting. You may be required to clean the hall at the end of the night and this is not something you want to find out on the day of.

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TNMPhotography will be there to guide you through and help you on your wedding day. Not just taking pictures but being a friend, helping solve problems and lessening the stress. Yes there will some stress on your day, you may all ready be feeling it, you have a lot to do so lets get started. Each wedding is treated with care and we are out of the Bowmanville area. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the GTA area.
Offering wedding coverage in Bowmanville, Oshawa,Toronto, Ajax, Whitby and all of Ontario. This Bowmanville Wedding Photographer will travel for you.
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