Picking a Wedding Photographer 101

Ceremony and reception hall or location is usually the first thing booked. Then according to most magazines and websites it will be a mad dash for the rest of the vendors in the 7 to 11 month range before the wedding date. At some point you are going to talk to a photographer to capture all the images on your wedding day. In an attempt to break it down TNMPhotography will be posting “Picking a Wedding Photographer 1o1”. It will break down all the catch phrases that are tossed around, actual important info and a few insider bits of information to help you keep the photographer on their toes.

Today, lets focus on the key words, style, editorial, natural light, classical posing and any others that I can think of as I write this out.

Traditional/Classic – usually to incorporate into an album, list of shots that are the must have to cover all elements that the bride and groom have requested. Producing posed photographs to enhance the scene.

Photojournalism – no posing, following you and your guest through out the day and telling a story in pictures as it happens.

Illustrative – a combination of Classic and Photojournalism, setting you up in the scene and allowing some candid moments to happen.

Portraiture – formal, posed pictures, think GQ magazines

Natural light – no flash, warm soft images, using only light that is provided in the scene.

Very quick description, google any of those words and you will find lots of info on them to the point of over kill.

Now you need to ask what is best for you?


Your wedding day, lack of a better word will be a hot mess, it will run the course from fun to stressed, organized to chaos. A photographer needs to be a problem solver and handle each situation with knowledge and experience.

You will need a photographer who can cover Classic, capture everything that you paid for, pose people who are stiff and awkward.

Photojournalistic – when not doing formals, or posed pictures should disappear into the back ground and capture all the moments.

Illustrative and portrature – will need to know how to pose the large groups to ensure they all look good, how to reduce weight or hide weight.

Natural light – this is a warning sign when someone says they are only a natural light photographer! When the lights are dimmed at the first dance and only the DJ’s lights are spinning are they going to be able to take images of you in the dark? Every photographer needs to be a natural light photographer and a flash photographer too!

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