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Pets on your Wedding Day

What are some of the tips for having your favorite pet at your wedding?
Frequently at TNMPhotography, we are asked if we shoot pets for the engagements or wedding day, it’s funny because if you look through any of our links with Instagram Facebook our website you’re easily going to find clients with their pets usually dogs, sometimes cats.

But, cats little bit trickier than dogs. Cats tend to hide, not as trusting and you will have to give a bit more time when you’re dealing with cats in a wedding situation.

So lets for this conversation stick with dogs at the moment.
You’re your dog’s best friend, you know your dog’s temperament, you know what stresses your dog and you know how to keep him or her happy.

When involving your pet you will need someone there to care for your pet, to remove the pet from any situations that arise, and to take the pet home at the appropriate time of day.

With dogs pets on your wedding day, you will need to first make sure that the venue allows for it, that any of the vendor partners do not have any issues with pets on-site for the wedding. Possibly making sure that even guests will not have any issues with pets on-site for the wedding.

When it comes to photographing the pet for the wedding day I would suggest having the pet and photographer meet before the wedding, allowing the pet to become use to the photographer and to learn any commands the pet understands.

Depending on desired results for the pets on your wedding day you would need to book extra time to ensure everything goes smoothly. Just recently Danielle and I did a surprise photoshoot for my sister’s 50th birthday. We took out her to dogs Ollie and Daisy out for a surprise photo session.

My son also came along for the shoot, for the photoshoot of two dogs and a few props took almost an hour. To keep the pets calm you need to work on their time and not yours.

When it comes to pets they’re like your kids and need to be treated with patients. I will add a few photos from that session as I am I think it’s quite cute and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at

And a few from actual weddings and engagement sessions…

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