No Pictures on My Wedding Day

When Danielle and I were engaged we went off to one of the big wedding shows in Toronto to finish off some of the planning of our wedding day. On that list was to book a photographer. Walked through the crowded venue meeting with lots of photographers. We finally came along one that we clicked with, very nice man, happy and a nice portfolio. We later called and set up a meeting with him and then booked him for our wedding day. The big day comes along, church ceremony goes off with no issues, other then my parents running late but that is a story for another time. Off to do the formals, they go well and as we get ready to head to the hall and then the photographer says that they need to go to their studio and will meet us at the hall. This should have been the first sign that something was going wrong, but you place your trust in this person so we carried on to go eat and party. The wedding day was great and we went home to wait for our pictures after the honeymoon.

About a month later we are called to go to his office to take a look at the photos. In his office we are handed a album with 4×6 proofs and start to leaf through them. Danielle is the first to notice how little there are of the church and then none of the formals. Not one single photo at the park. He begins to tell us about how his camera had just come back from the shop and was not fixed properly so he had no photos for the majority of the day and only black and whites in the church. Danielle at this point is in tears and I am very upset. It takes a lot to make me lose my temper, this is one of those moments when your mind starts to race about all the scenarios and how they will play out.  I remain calm, he offers us another photo shoot of just the two of us at the park, knowing that I am about to blow up I tell him we will get back to him. After some talks with Danielle and a very stressful week we call him back and inform him that he can pay for the remainder of our wedding parties expenses to have everyone there in their tuxes and dresses to do the formals again. He agrees and we spend another day at the park getting our photos taken by a different photographer.

If you look through our album now you can spot some differences through out the day, my sisters hair is down at the park and then magically it is done up at the hall. She did not get her hair done the same way as she had it on our original wedding day photos. We sort of laugh about it now. The whole thing was a nightmare that came true.

Things that I wish we had done differently now? First would be to ask who is taking the pictures on your wedding day. Little did we know at the time is this photography company hires photographers/freelancers to shoot his weddings. So the person we clicked with in the initial meeting was not the ones taking the photos. So all questions of experience were pointless because he was not taking the pictures.

Second, make sure they have extra equipment, second camera body. The photographer on our day did have a second camera but this was still with film, digital was just starting and his second camera was only loaded with black and white film. If not for that second camera body we would have absolutely no photos of the ceremony. Now days you can go one step further and see how large their memory cards are or if they back them up during the day.

Life goes on, we sort of laugh about it now, just be careful and be sure to ask the right questions.

TNMPhotography shoots with two camera bodies, I (Neil) shoot the wedding myself, Jamie C is a second photographer when you purchase our top package. I use 8 GB memory cards so that the entire wedding is not all on one card. Equipment is checked regularly and the morning of the wedding day to help ensure that all things go smoothly.


My sister is beside the bride (Danielle) and you can see her hair is down, not at the reception hall, shot on 2 different days.



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