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All brides seen on the TNMPhotography website are real brides. There are no staged shoots showing in the TNMPhotography portfolio area. A staged shoot is when a photographer with a collaborating group of vendors, florist, makeup artist, hair designer and even down to the thank you cards are all provided to produce a themed wedding set. All done in perfect conditions and perfect lighting. Lots of time to prepare and allow for the best out come. Most wedding days do not allow this, a photographer has to be able to capture this on the fly and produce the same perfect results.

How can your tell if it is a model then? Ask. Ask your photographer to see that bride at her reception, if unable to provide reception photos then you know it was a model. Hopefully your photographer is not trying to pass off models as real brides first of all. If they do have models in their portfolio compare those photos to the photos of the real brides that they show. Every photographer shows their best images, is there a huge difference in how their real brides and model photos look? By the photographer showing you a model bride they are telling you that they can produce this same look on the day of the wedding. Can they?

If they show an image with a multiple light set up that you love the look of be sure to ask if they can produce that image on the fly for your wedding day. It is one of the reasons that attracted you to them then they better be able to produce the result.

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TNMPhotography will be there to guide you through and help you on your wedding day. Not just taking pictures but being a friend, helping solve problems and lessening the stress. Yes there will some stress on your day, you may all ready be feeling it, you have a lot to do so lets get started. Each wedding is treated with care and we are out of the Bowmanville area. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the GTA area.
Offering wedding coverage in Bowmanville, Oshawa,Toronto, Ajax, Whitby and all of Ontario. This Bowmanville Wedding Photographer will travel for you.
Cool. Romantic.Fun. These are the words typically used to describe this Toronto wedding photographer.
Toronto Wedding Photographer TNMPhotography will cover all your important moments.

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