Michelle and Adam Wedding at Glen Eagle Golf Club

All photos taken by your Durham Region Wedding Photographer TNMPhotography

Where and when did you meet?

 We met on October 20, 2012 at a mutual friend’s cottage birthday. However, we didn’t start talking until Adam messaged me through facebook after I added him. So shortly after the party.

When did you know this was the person you would marry?

 Started thinking we were pretty serious after 2 years – especially going back and forth from Mississauga to Pickering. After we moved in together was when I think we knew forsure.

Tell us about the proposal:

It was Christmas morning at our house, we just finished opening up gifts and tidying up. Still in our Pjs, Adam put me on the couch and called my dog up. Hanging from my dogs collar was a ring, and when I realized this and turned to Adam, he was down on his knee. He then popped the question 😊. It was perfect as we were hosting Christmas dinner with both our families (which was a first), so we got to surprise them all when they arrived with the engagement and got to celebrate with them all together.  

Tell us about your wedding:

 Our wedding will be at a Golf Course with the ceremony outside on the patio infront of the gazebo and the reception will be held inside. We are going for a more rustic theme with décor pieces with lots of Navy, Whites and some browns. It was the first location we loved for the look and of course the price. Since our families are both from the west and east side, we wanted to have the venue in the middle, so it didn’t favor either side. So Bolton worked for this purpose.  

Did the date/season have special meaning?

 No, just the date that worked for his sister to come down from Australia. Family first!

What are the theme/colours and why did you choose it/them? What are some of the elements that reflect that theme (e.g. menu, décor)

 Navy blue, brown and white are our colours. Menu, décor, flowers, dresses, bouquets, suits.

Where did you find your inspiration?

 Pintrest – Best app ever !

When did you begin planning your wedding? Did you encounter any roadblocks along the way?

 Started planning right away after we got engaged. Mainly just getting the Venue at first.

How many guests will be attending your wedding?


Vendor Partners

School bus – Caledon Parkview Transit

Cake Artist – Crumb and Berry

Dj – Ryan Powell

Make Up Artist – Amy

Venue – Glen Eagle Gulf Club

Officiant – Donna Moss

Durham Region Ontario Wedding Photographer – TNMPhotography

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