Bail outs, markets crashing, unemployment and so much in the news on  a daily bases reminding of just how bad it is. My family has known the hard times, I have been laid off from unionized employment 5 times, my wife has been laid off twice. Once we were even laid off on the same day. So, I do understand living on a budget. Danielle (my wife) can even do it better. I appreciate what we have and even more for what we have earned. Little steps made a huge difference in or financial outcome and hopefully they can help you also.

1. Coffee – make it at home, I was spending easy $10 to $20 a week on Timmie’s

2. Coupons – Danielle is Queen at this, we shop between 3 to 4 stores in town, all close together and hardly buy anything that is not on sale, if  one store has it for regular price most likely the other store will have it on sale. Compare fliers.

3 Tech – I am constantly bugging my wife for better tech, smart phone, ipad and other gadgets. Why? I have a cell, cost me $10 a month, voicemail and texting when I need it and I rarely go over. I find it funny when you look up cost saving measures and they show apps to download, did you really need to spend $800 to get an app on how to save money?

4. Eating out – just not as much, no need to do it for lunch. Eating out with friends is great but can add up when done each day. Save it for the weekend and have them over instead.

5. Save – buy it with cash! May take longer but better then giving a way $10 to $30 or more in interest a month. Pay attention to what you are giving a way. Go over your credit card bill and see how much money you have lost in interest, we just give it a way because out of mind. Easier does not make it better.

I am not a marketing guru, but these little things made a huge impact on or lives. We are far from wealthy, still live from week to week, but it has made it easier. It took 8 years for us to afford or first family vacation to Disney World, did not save for 8 years but we did save for 2 years before we went on it. Came back and did not owe a cent. This year we are going to do the same with a cruise. Nothing on credit and no stress when we get back.

Good Luck

Theodore Neil Maurice

Please call me Neil…

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