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Glow worms living in New Zealand caves were captured on film by photographer Joseph Michael in a series called the Luminosity project.

Glow worms in caves in New Zealand

Now how pretty is that, just need a bride or groom in front of it, what a great back drop that would make. Any takers wanna head out to New Zealand.

A little closer to home, how about a new hair cut for the next wedding you are attending. Check out the Huffington Post video on some new styles if you are in the gown or guest. Being bald leaves me free of this worry.


9 facts about marriages

There was one marriage every two minutes in 2012

Civil ceremonies accounted for 70% of all marriages in 2012

60% (156,480) of marriages took place in approved premises such as hotels, stately homes and historic buildings

67% (174,040) of all marriages were first marriages for both partners.

The greatest number of marriages were for men and women aged 25 to 29

Compared to 2011, the largest percentage increase in the number of marriages was for men and women aged 65 to 69

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