Kids on your big day

What to expect?
Expect the unexpected! Kids run to the beat of their own drums and that makes it even better. Let’s face it that’s what memories are made of and no one ever tells stories of the things that go right. That doesn’t mean let them run around all pumped up on sugar, maybe later in the night.
Of course depending on the age of the child, a parent or guardian needs to understand what is expected of the child and that it is big responsibility. Some parents may back out of this, do not take offense, they know the child better, you may see the innocent but they see the monster when at home. I am a father of two, love my kids, but have seen them change into that little monster.
Rehearse the routine with both parent and child. Ask to have the child be put in the outfit a few times before the big day so it will not be such a shock to the child when they walk down the aisle in a ball gown with large neon lights sewn into the gown. I don’t judge.
Earlier in the day, introduce the child to the photographer, guess who is one of the first people the kid will see when asked to walk down the large scary aisle in the venue. Some stranger, kneeled down and pointing a large object at them that makes a clicking sound the closer they get to the front. Introduce the photographer so they are not so scary.
Bribe. You are spending thousands of dollars on this day, what is another $20 for a Frozen Barbie or Lego set. Kids love a good bribe. If it helps I will wave the lollipop at the little one to help them come down the isle faster.
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