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Kathryn and Steve Nov 2 2019 captured by TNMPhotography Durham Wedding Photographer

Where and when did you meet?

We met online on POF. Kathryn was new to online dating and was overwhelmed by all the non-matches who connected with her. She had advice from her sister to take the opportunity to be picky so she did a very specific search, included as many details of her ideal match as possible, and Steve was one of two matches that came up in her area. Turns out Steve had already messaged her too and was optimistic about the response. They decided to not waste much time by chatting online for a lengthy time before meeting because at the end of the day, if you don’t click in person, all that time is wasted. They had a fairly good connection already and decided to meet for a first date. Steve picked Kathryn up and they went to Montana’s (Kathryn’s favourite restaurant for dinner). After dinner they went back to Kathryn’s place and took her puppy Charlie on a walk. They decided to have another date when Steve got back from his 1 week vacation he was taking, however they ended up having 2 more dates before the vacation, and Steve surprised Kathryn by calling her from Mexico while he was gone, and kept in touch the entire time. It was not long after that where they decided to give their relationship a try a neither had any more need for online dating. Our first date was on May 27th 2017.

When did you know this was the person you would marry?

​Steve and I haven’t been together for an extremely long time. We were engaged after about 14 months of dating and our wedding will happen just before we are at 2 1/2 years together. For myself, I don’t think there was a “moment” where I just knew that this was the person I would Marry; but it has been constant differences with our relationship that build something solid, something sure, something wonderful, and something that can last a lifetime. Steve and I have a partnership in life that I’ve never experienced with anyone else. Not only do I love him despite the things I hate about him;  I love the things I hate about him. I never want to stay mad at him when we argue, he’s always doing things to try to keep me happy and if I’m not happy he’s going out of his way to cheer me up, and best of all we actually communicate with each other when things are on our minds. We aren’t afraid to speak to each other and sort things through. It’s amazing to feel so much love for someone even when they are built a completely different way from you. And its an amazing feeling to be loved without judgement and without compromise. As I say, there wasn’t really a “moment” it was just something that felt natural; to be with him forever. 

​There wasn’t one specific moment for me either as the relationship just kind of flowed naturally from the get go.  We quickly reached our 6 month mark and shortly after that it really hit home that she was the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.  We are the definition of opposites attract and compliment each other extremely well.  She is the one always stressing over little things and the finer details, I am the one that is always laid back and relaxed trying to make sure she does not sweat the small stuff (sometimes too relaxed).  Together, it is the perfect match to compliment each other’s weaknesses / strengths.  It is hard to put into words, but at times when I am too laid back, she is pushing me the opposite direction.  When she is a little too stressed, I am pulling her back the other way.  I ground her, she lifts me up.  This is the truth in all aspects of our life.  She is “my person.”

It is the opposite traits that I truly believe have built the solid foundation that we continue to build upon day after day.  No matter what life throws at us, we tackle it hand in hand and always come out stronger the following day because we continue to build our bond even through the most difficult of times.  The love is unconditional for both of us and only made stronger by the fact we know the other acts as a crutch during times where support is needed.  It honestly almost turns the weaknesses into a strength as we balance each other out.

We can talk about communication, and every other fact that a relationship needs to succeed, but that is stuff that has been there from the get go.  It is the bond of differences that has made us this strong of a couple and will continue to make us that much stronger going forward.

Tell us about the proposal:

 It was 2 days after Kathryn’s older sister had gotten married and they just got back from spending the weekend in Halliburton. Steve and Kathryn went to look at a house that morning near Port Hope. On the way back, they stopped at Presquile Point to walk near the lighthouse because her sisters wedding fell over Kathryn’s 30th birthday and Steve wanted to spend that Monday celebrating her birthday; Kathryn is obsessed with lighthouses. It was a beautiful day and beautiful walk to the point, however the lighthouse itself was under construction and it was all boarded off! Steve insisted they go over the construction barrier to the end of the point (Steve had never been this adventurous lol)

When they made it to the other side and they stood there looking out over the water, Steve tried to slip the ring onto Kathryn’s finger, but of course Steven being Steven was trying to put it on the wrong hand! Kathryn started having a minor excited freak out, Steve got down on one knee, Kathryn almost started to cry when Steve instead of asking her to Marry him, says ” aww is she crying!? 😉” And then get’s back up without ever asking her anything!!! And it was so hot out that her fingers were so swollen that the ring didn’t fit and she had to wear it on her pinky most of the day.  It was the most awkward, but perfect Steve and Kathryn proposal for sure. 

How long were you dating before you got married?

As pre piously mentioned, we were dating about 14 months before we got engaged and it will be about 2.5 years by the time we get married.

Did the date/season have special meaning?

We both wanted a fall wedding because fall is our favourite season. We chose that specific date because there weren’t many options left in October to choose from, and to have the wedding 1 week later at the venue we wanted saved us a fair amount of money because it counts as a “winter wedding.” 

What are the theme/colours and why did you choose it/them? What are some of the elements that reflect that theme (e.g. menu, décor)

Once we chose the venue and the date, we ordered some fabric colour swatches to help us pick our colour theme. We both liked the idea of burgundy for the season, so Kathryn laid out 3 or 4 different colour themes that included burgundy for the fall season and let Steve choose the final colour theme for the wedding. Our colours are Burgundy, Navy blue, Champagne gold, and a variation of greys. 

We have chosen a thanksgiving style menu; Cranberry stuffed chicken with roasted potatoes, green beans and baby carrots. Cherry cheese cake for dessert.  Roses are a big element of our wedding for multiple reasons. 1 they are the flower Kathryn always envisioned at her wedding. 2 they are traditional and Steve is all about tradition. 3. They have a Beauty and the Beast theme to their wedding as well so the roses tie in nicely. 

Where did you find your inspiration?

​The reason we have a Beauty and the Beast theme to our wedding is because the movie was the first gift Steve gave Kathryn as surprise when he came back from his vacation when they first started dating. It is Kathryn’s favourite Disney movie and she is about all things Disney. It is the first movie we watched together, and throughout our relationship we have incorporated beauty and the beast as part of our relationship so it has special meaning for us.  

When did you begin planning your wedding? Did you encounter any roadblocks along the way?

We didn’t really mean to start planning right away, but just like everything else in our relationship it just kind of fell into place and before we knew it the venue and date were set! The only roadblocks we have encountered is one we feel a lot of couples deal with which is financial; however we are confident everything will work out the way it is intended. 

How many guests will be attending your wedding?

We have invited 140 guests but we expect 10-15% to send their regrets. We are estimating 100-120 people will attend. 

Will you incorporate any family traditions into your wedding?

There are no family traditions however Steve finds it important to be traditional in the sense that we read our vows during the ceremony and Kathryn would like to do something to honour her stepfather who passed away and is not able to be there to guide them through the day. 

Will you incorporate social media/technology into your wedding (e.g. Twitter, live streaming)? 


What’s the one thing about your wedding that you are looking forward to?

Officially being married and no more wedding planning! 

For the bride: Did you each know right away it was “THE dress” or had you previously tried on many other dresses?

Absolutely NOT. I thought the dress was going to be extremely easy for me however I tried on many dresses. I could have gotten married in almost any of them. I am still not certain I have chosen THE dress. But I am a designer and can create many looks out of almost anything…so in the end I chose a dress that I was most comfortable in the suited my initial visions and I have added many winter accessory pieces to it to complete the look for our date. 

Why did you choose your reception venue?

​We decided to look at 5 venues. At the end of the day, we wanted something that fit a budget and a feeling. We tried to set up the 5 appointments to view, 1 of which never got back to us, 1 could not accommodate wheel chair accessibility, 1 was right next to the main road and not only could you hear the traffic from where the ceremony would take place, the staff were unprofessional and the rest of the place was somewhat a dump. The other 2 were absolutely beautiful and everything we were looking for, however 1 was way too large for us and therefore more expensive and we would be paying for a venue that could seat more people than we were inviting. So it wasn’t ever a choice. Trillium Trails met every expectation, in addition to coming with an onsite coordinator and being the closest to our hometown, it was the easiest choice out of anything wedding related! 

Who is your Wedding Coordinator?

Co-ordinator: Lindsay Dezan (905) 439-1161

 Who is your Florist?

Heather Little

(905) 442-7212

Name of officiant

Behind the Scenes:

Reverend Maureen McLellan (905) 767-5312

Who is your Band/DJ for the wedding?

Motor City Sound

Wayne Evans


Who is your Makeup Artist?

Yusra Sultan

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