Instagram and your wedding day

Instagram on your wedding day, first thing you need to do is pass on to all your guest a custom hashtag for your wedding day. #lastname and date of wedding, something unique to avoid others accidentally adding to it. Ways to promote this, chalk board out front of the wedding hall, email guest before hand or have the unique hashtag on your invitations so guest are all ready aware.

Benefits of instagraming your wedding day are that you will have a large collection of images from your day all piled into one spot. Remember going to a wedding and the disposable camera’s were left on the table for guest to use, pretty much the same but now brides do not have to go and process all the images. The next morning when you are up sipping your coffee you can have a good laugh at all the behind the scene images that you may not have been aware of.

This will also allow those who could not attend follow along at home and be able to watch as it happens. Let your photographer know your instagram plan also, if they are good at their jobs they will instagram along with the rest of the guest that day.


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