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Workers are spending less time with family than they did 20 years ago

In 1986, workers spent, on average, 4.2 hours, or 250 minutes, engaged in various activities with their spouse, their children or other family members. The nature of these activities varied, and could have included helping the children with their homework, watching television with their spouse and having dinner as a family. Nearly 20 years later, by 2005, this average number of hours had dropped to 3.4 hours, or 206 minutes, an average decline of about 45 minutes

The article may be a bit dated but probably has not changed or only gotten worse. Work controls us, it consumes us for our attention and our time. Before photography, I spent over 18 years working afternoon and midnight shifts. First year of my sons life he would not sit in my lap because I was working 12 hour shifts, work 2 days, off 1 day, work the next 2 and then home for the weekend. By Sunday he would start to warm up to me, but then would have to start to change my schedule back to get ready to work midnights. Kids got a bit older, switched my job to office work, first 5 years of afternoons, only saw the family in the morning and wife on weekends. Switched to another office job closer to home to save some time, of course afternoons for the first 4 years, finally got a day position within the company. Put all my energy into the job, took work home, constantly checking on the phone and dealing with issues. Finally to the point of breaking down and just walking out.

Why do I bring this up? My son was 8 by the time I took us out to do our family photos. 7 years had pasted since we had done our family pictures. 7 years of archiving us growing together missing out on fashion changing, hair cuts and so much more. Make the time to spend with your family, don’t look back and see that the bank account is still empty after 20 years of allowing your life to be consumed by your job and having little to no memories.

When is the last time you had your family photos done?

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