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Portrait FAQ

What is a Print + Digital File ? With the A la Carte option any print you buy comes with the Digital File. No packages, no minimum or maximum orders. If you want only one print, then you pay for the one print that will come with a digital file of the printed photo that you can share and reprint.

How long is a session? Most sessions usually last an hour. Younger children and large groups usually go longer but this is not an issue as we only schedule appointments with an hour in between so there is no rush or chance of overlapping.

What to expect when visiting TNMPhotography? Relaxed and no pressure atmosphere. Greeted at the door, offered a beverage and  given the chance to clean up any messy faces. Little kids will be given a few minutes to check out their surroundings, play with the lights to help put them at ease. We then start posing and working through about 3 to 5 backgrounds. This usually last an hour.

How many members of the family can be photographed? Whoever you bring can be part of the session. All though this takes away time from each individual member and reduces the chance of getting that perfect picture. Most kids take the hour to warm up and by having other family members photographed you lose that extra time needed.

 8 wallets mean 8 different pictures? No, wallets are printed on a sheet and so can only be one pose.

How long before I can see my pictures? It takes about 2 to 6 business days to have the photos edited and ready for your selection.

How long before I receive my Print Package? After you choose your photos to be printed they will be delivered in about 5 to 10 business days.

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