Fall is here, yes its colder but it is so pretty to look at. You could not ask for a nicer back drop for your family photos. Bowmanville has lots to offer in the scenery department. This will change quick, the weather is getting colder and leafs are starting to fall fast. Some tips to setting up a good photograph with your family are avoid wearing clothing with words on them as they will cause the viewer to immediately read the shirt and not look at the faces. Although it now has become cheesy, wearing all the same colour clothing is to help bring attention to the faces and not what they are wearing. Young kids need to warm up to the process, so try to book a little extra time so the little ones can get to know the photographer. Trust with kids goes a long way. Bribes always work too.

Hope to see you soon outside with the wonderful fall backdrops and dress warm.

Theodore Neil Maurice

Portrait / Wedding Photographer in the Bowmanville area.

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