Looking to create something unique for the brides and grooms that have booked me this year, so for the ones who are a little adventurous I will be offering to recreate the pictures of their favourite romantic comedies. I will give a free 8×10 of the groom who agrees to do the 40 Year Old Virgin. Below are some of the ones I would like to recreate. Send me an email if there are any that I might be missing. I like the look of the 80’s movies. What is your favourite romantic comedy?MV5BMTU1Njk0ODEwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMzA3ODc2._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_ MV5BMTI2OTk5NTE5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODA0NTQzMQ@@._V1._SY209_CR4,0,140,209_ MV5BMTQyNDMwNjg0MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDgwMDU1MQ@@._V1._SY209_CR2,0,140,209_ larsandtherealgirl MV5BMTc1OTQzNzE0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDU4NDk3Mw@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_ eternal sunshine 11165915_det notebook3 MV5BNDg3NzY3NzUzMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzIxODYyMQ@@._V1_SX214_

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