Durham Wedding Photographer TNMPhotography at the Durham Bridal Show April 2013

Spent Sunday April 21st at the Durham Bridal Show held at the Ajax Convention Centre. Wonderful time meeting all the new partners for life. The Ajax Convention Centre is a very large and beautiful hall with a hotel right beside it making it very easy for your guest after the party. Spent some time before the brides showed up talking with other vendors and a few really stood out. If my wife and me were to do it all over again I would be sure to add them to my list.  Norm is filled with charisma and you can tell he will help you relax and bring some humor to your special day. a one stop shop for dresses and helping you find the right vendor. Stop by her beautiful store in Oshawa. Mitchel will set you up, very quiet, not pushy and a great baker. My wife took a box of cup cakes for the kids after the show, gone in seconds.


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