Digital Media

Photo albums do you have them? We did not have many as a kid growing up but that was do to cost, it was pricey to print off film especially since you knew half of them were not going to turn out. My parents did the best that they could. My kids have 27 albums so far and this did shoot up with the entrance of digital camera’s. We always print, the only way we lose those is do to some sort of natural disaster (knock on wood). It’s funny though it bothers me and I worry that others do not print, not because I would like to make more money off them, I could just sell digital and actually have a larger profit margin, no physical overhead. The thing that bothers me is that in maybe 2, 5 or even 10 years, when someone loses, replaces,discards their current phone,laptop or pad they slowly start to lose parts of their history. Do we transfer every file, every time, people update their phones like underwear now. From family members I can see this all ready happening, they will in a few years realize that they only have a handful of baby pictures left to actually view and that is something that you can never get back. Digital is great but please do not leave it as the only source of keeping your memories.




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