Choosing your Wedding Venue

You just got engaged and it is an exciting time but also stressful. So much to do. Where do you start? In my experience picking the venue is the first thing. It will decide your date and time of year you will get married. When looking for a venue there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Capacity –  How many people can you invite or what is the minimum people you need to book this location?  Many places have a required amount of guests you need. If you just wanted to do something small under one hundred people they may not let you book with them. How many weddings could your venue hold the same day? 
  2. Budget-  What packages do they offer? What do the packages include? What deposit is required and when do they want their final payment? If something happens eg Pandemic will there be a penalty to reschedule?
  3. Theme –  Are you looking for a place that is rustic or a place that is elegant? Do you want a place that takes care of everything from the set up to take down, dinner and ceremony? Are you more of a DIY kind of person and wants to design, make and set up your own decorations? Do you want to get your food catered or a place that has their own chef?
  4. Location/ Accommodations –  Is the venue location easy to get to? Is there enough parking to accommodate your guests? Are there hotels nearby for out of town guests or guests who want to stay the night so they could party? If so, do the hotels offer deals for your guests if you book a bulk of rooms?
  5. Golf course/ venue-   Is this venue also a golf course? If so, this could affect the locations you are allowed to take pictures. You need to be aware that daily activities will be occurring during your ceremony, formals and reception.
  6. Vendors –  Can I choose my own vendors (eg DJ, photographer) or do I have to use their in house vendors? If I do want to use my own vendors do I have to pay a separate fee?
  7. Ceremony on site –  Can I have my ceremony on site? Is the ceremony location outside and if so do they have a backup plan inside if the weather does not cooperate? Is there an additional fee to use their ceremony site?
  8. On-site photography –  After the ceremony do they have locations on site to take formal pictures? If so, how many locations do they have? Are their locations shaded or in the bright sun?  If they do not have any, are there parks nearby?
  9. Bridal Suites –  If you would like to get ready at the venue do they have any bridal suites? If they do have bridal suites how big are they?  Could the room fit your bridal party, mom and photographer?
  10. Restrooms –  Does the venue have enough restrooms to accommodate your guests and guests from other weddings that may be happening at the same time? I have been to weddings that have only two restrooms and have multiple weddings. You don’t want your guests waiting in line for restrooms instead of enjoying themselves.

Remember your wedding is about what the two of you want. It is a day you will look back on and want to make it a memorable one not a regrettable one.

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                                                                                      Written by  Danielle Maurice

TNMPhotography Durham Region wedding photographer

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