Cassie and David August 24 2019 Werrcroft Farms

Where and when did you meet?

We met on and our first date was at Tim Hortons in Port Perry on April 22, 2017

When did you know this was the person you would marry?

Mid Summer

Tell us about the proposal

We had spent New Years Eve at home because it was my turn to do the night check in the barn.  Growing up my family used to do fondue dinners New Years Eve so after Dave and I went out for dinner we had a small chocolate one of our own.  Once this was done we went to the barn and did the routine night check along with looking at a couple other things, this was Dave’s way of trying to stall us so we would get home closer to midnight.  When we arrived back at home I was almost in the house and he called me back outside and asked me on the front porch, the same place he told me he loved me.

How long were you dating before you got married?

28 months         

Tell us about your wedding

The ceremony is taking place at Kedron United Church.  I grew up on the dairy farm that was once just up the road from it.   My  family has attended the church for many years, I  was also baptized and confirmed there. 

Three family weddings have also been there, my Parents Diane & Kevin, my Aunt Janet & Uncle Mike where I was their flower girl and Dave’s Uncle Francis and Aunt Shirley.  

Did the date/season have special meaning?

My grandparents, Ron & Elsie Werry were married on September 19, 1959, thirty years later my parents were married on August 12, 1989. We thought it would be neat for us to be married 30 years later on August 24, 2019.  It is also the same weekend that David’s grandparents Omer & Majella Desroches were married, August 25, 1956

What are the theme/colours and why did you choose them? What are some of the elements that reflect that theme?

 The wedding theme is rustic, fitting for a couple that grew up on farms.  The colour scheme is grey and Malibu blue. The grey was chosen to honour Dennis, the father of the groom, the blue was a colour we liked.

Where did you find your inspiration?

  • Parents wedding albums
  • Pintrest
  • Bridal shows

When did you begin planning your wedding? Did you encounter any road blocks along the way?

We began planning our wedding soon after the engagement as we wanted to continue the 30 years between weddings. As for road blocks mainly the overall stress that comes with farming and a late spring. 


Flowers by Veronica

905 240 5505

Hair & Make up

Hair dressers Moda Salon, 905- 419-6632


Calvert Caterng – Scott Honsberger


Name of officiant

Edward (Ned) Wells, minister

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