Planning a Covid Wedding on a Budget

Never cared for the term “budget bride”. But people give this name to themselves and as I was researching a Bridal Forum to write my next blog post I came across a question

“Maybe this is a little embarrassing but like I’m poor guys. Anyone out there relates or has any advice on how to find a venue that doesn’t exhaust my 10k budget in like .2 seconds?”

The way that I see this, especially in the current state of the world with the Covid virus taking over the normal lives of many, is an opportunity to change the norm for weddings. Especially for those who are lacking in the pocketbook, for those who want to make better choices with their wallets, and for those who don’t need to follow a perceived tradition made by someone else that you will never meet, never know.

This is the chance to change how a wedding can be, with the excuse of Covid not allowing you to rent a hall to have drunk relatives who you don’t like dancing with you.

I see Covid weddings as a chance to make the most amazing day for the 2 of you. The way it should be focused on your love and why you are with each other.

Imagine spending 10K on 2 -10 people instead of 100 with huge overhead. I would lose a few of the big-price items, the venue, catering, and decor. Sorry but keep the photographer, they will document the whole day, no 4-hour photographers here please. Keep a flower arrangement and throw it away. It is up to you of course, but I like the thought of throwing the flowers at a different spot other than a hall.

Of course, keep the dress, you still have to dress up, go overboard. Makeup to make you an 11 instead of your normal 10. Officiant to make it all legal.

After that, you are about $6000 give or take to make your dream day come true. Wake up at a B&B? Hotel or home? Breakfast in bed, no better yet meet with your wedding party for brunch, and then start to clean up, get beautiful. Editorial photography all day long!

Head out to a beautiful outdoor location, or maybe the location of your first date. This is where you would get married, the local Chunky Cheese, it’s going to be empty, a movie theater, the possibilities are endless.

Get married, very intimate, only close family and friends. Sparklers lit while your guest are circled you as you read your vows ( no maybe smoke grenades) (no maybe not)

Get married, head out to your favorite restaurant for after ceremony dinner, or limo ride around Toronto, head to the nearest patio pub with your small group. Romantic movies on the couch, whatever your jam is. Make it into the best day that 10K will pay for, the average wedding in Ontario is about 40k, place the 30k on your future home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional weddings, I love shooting at halls and dancing.

Think of it as a reason to be a budget bride and make the day the 2 of you want with cash left over.

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