Brandon and Rachel Outdoor Wedding

We met online on a dating website called” Plenty of Fish.”  we talked online for a couple of weeks and then we decided to meet in Burlington late October at a Starbucks because it was a  half way point for both of us, since Brandon lived in Woodstock and  Rachel lived in Port Perry. 

Rachel knew pretty early that Brandon was the one she would marry. Brandon knew but it wasn’t til after taking a break that he REALLY knew. After we came back together the wedding bells were in the not too distant future.

The Proposal  : On Saturday October 27th, Brandon had a romantic “set up” at his parents place. Rachel drove to Woodstock and we both went on about our day. Brandon suggested eating at his parents and he would make dinner. When we got to Brandon’s parents Brandon had “Better Together” by Jack Johnson playing and pulled out the ring and that’s when he proposed. It was a quiet and intimate proposal.

Before we got engaged we were dating for almost a year,  Brandon proposed to me just a week before our 1 year anniversary. 

Our date is August 3rd because we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on  November 3  2017 , so we thought it would be  neat to get married on August 3rd since it so happen to land on a Saturday, plus we didn’t really want to get married in the winter.  

Our Colours are blue and burgundy, we decided on these colours because we both really liked them and they were both our favorite colours, red is Brandon’s favourite colour but burgendy looked better with the blue and blue was Rachel’s. 
For our theme, we are aiming for a rustic country theme, so we are going to try and use burlap in our decorations, also sunflowers, glass milk bottles for center pieces for the tables. 

 We found our inspiration through other’s peoples weddings, pinterest, plus other people we were talking too, and our family of course. 

We actually started to planning our wedding before we got engaged, we had the date picked out and the caterer as well, once we were officially engaged we planned the rest of our wedding detail.  we didn’t encounter very many roadblocks, one of the things we did struggle with was our guest list, we had a very hard time narrowing down the list of people invite.  Plus we did have a hard time finding an affordable place to rent toilets from.  One thing that did happen was when I ( Rachel ) went to go try on my dress they ordered the wrong one lol but then a couples day later they managed to get the right dress ordered in. 

 We have about 130 people coming to the wedding. 

 we are not really including family traditions in our wedding, we have include some things from our parents wedding, for example Brandons parents had white roses at their wedding , so there are going to be white roses in the bouquets. Rachel’s parents served black forest cake at their wedding, so in our wedding  we are having a black forest cupcakes.

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