Blemishes on your Wedding Day

Do not stress! You are beautiful and first need to understand that. Second blemishes come and go, they do not last forever. More than likely you will be blemish free on the wedding day.
Worst case scenario TNMPhotography has a little tool called Photoshop that will remove that blemish on each image that is delivered to you after the wedding day. There are lots of ways to help preventing pimple breakouts, stop stressing and share the work load. Stressing causes so much more than just breakouts. So let’s lesson it, share the work load, let the groom pick up some the slack and get those bridesmaids to work.
Water, drink more of it. So many of us do not drink enough water, we need to have up to eight glasses a day, yes you will have to go more often but bridesmaids are for helping out with the dress, let’s make them stress a little.:)
Never leave makeup on when you go to bed at night, make sure to start a regimen of washing your face in the morning and just before bed. Scrub well to get out the dirt to help prevent black heads and pimples.
Serious cases, go to your family doctor and have a dermatologist referred for you. There are a lot of people who suffer from rosacea and do not even know that they have it. Seeing a doctor is always a good call, you’re stuck with yourself for the rest of your life so might as well get to know yourself and love it like a temple.
Always avoid getting other products on your face, hair spray will clog your pores and same for mousse.
Vitamin A’s for wrinkles, vitamin B3 for redness, vitamin C for spots and vitamin E for moisture. Creams on the spot act faster, but always consult your doctor on anything unusual and a few extra vitamins into your daily life can only help, especially if you are not taking anything.

For a quick fix, breakouts mix 1 tsp oragano oil and 1 tsp Olive oil and apply to clean face at night.

Once again let me say, no need to stress about pimples, I have your back and will remove them from all photos. TNMPhotography will deliver you all your images with no blemishes, you are beautiful and TNMPhotography will make sure everyone can clearly see that.

Send me an email at and take a look at TNMPhotography’s portfolio. As your new friend, the one who will be with you all day on one of the biggest days of your life, let me help with the stress and provide you with beautiful wedding photos of your wedding day.

TNMPhotography servicing Bowmanville, Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby and all of Ontario.

Neil and Danielle Maurice



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