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Angel Portfolio update captured by TNMPhotography in Bowmanville

I had to chance to photograph once again Angel who has just finished another appearance in a zombie movie. Think her character had her legs torn off, now that is something most of us will never get to tell the grand kids. Angel is building a great resume in acting and was a great model to work with. The images are shot at the Children’s Arena, a beautiful park in the heart of Oshawa.

Looking for an updated head shot or looking to enhance your portfolio please send me an email and can offer you a great rate to help you start or continue your acting or modeling career.

Angel-1 Bowmanville Photography Angel-2 Bowmanville Photography Angel-3 Bowmanville Photography Angel-4 Bowmanville Photography Angel-5 Bowmanville Photography Angel-6 Bowmanville Photography Angel-7 Bowmanville Photography Angel-8 Bowmanville Photography Angel-9 Bowmanville Photography Angel-10 Bowmanville Photography Angel-11 Bowmanville Photography

Capturing photos that will be Romantic, Cool and Fun. These are your photos done at your pace, no rush, making sure that no matter what stage or order your life is going we will capture what is important to you. Showcasing your love for one another, ensuring you laugh and are relaxed the entire shoot. Looking forward to becoming your Life Photographer.

Thank You

Theodore Neil Maurice & Danielle Maurice

Bowmnaville Photographer TNMPhotography capturing your Wedding, Family and life events with a Romantic, Creative and Fun look. Looking forward to becoming your “LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER” Theo Neil Maurice, please call me Neil.

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